Is it a fish or a pencil?

Imagination is a wonderful gift.  My daughter imagined that an ordinary piece of clay could become something more.  But is it a fish or a pencil or a new species altogether?  What does your imagination tell you?

Mine tells me that it is a new species.  One that evolved because lead was no longer available.  One day when a small group of kids were jumping off their dock and swimming, they felt pin-prick-like nibbles on their toes.  They ducked under the water and found these cute creatures.  The fish spoke to the children and told them that it was okay – they were there to help them.  They could be used as pencils so that the kids could write down their stories and make beautiful illustrations.  The only ‘catch’ was that the kids had to promise that the first story they wrote would be about the fish-pencils and how they saved the written word from becoming extinct. The kids happily agreed.  Together millions of words were written.

With imagination anything is possible – even fish-pencils.


By marysuehobika

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