Inspiration comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes.  It is everywhere.  What inspires me may not inspire you.  For example,I find inspiration in art, like this sculpture.  It reminds me of the simple truth that things are not always as they appear.  The sculpture may look like it is made out of metal, but it’s not.  It is clay painted with metallic colors.  I also find the color and the shapes to be of particular interest.  I’m sure I could spin a story.

I find inspiration in other things too – like music.  In part, Taylor Swift’s albums inspired me to write an entire YA novel.   I enjoy all sorts of music and each piece inspires me in a different way.  Sometimes when I’m driving down the road and the music is softly playing a thought will strike me and I’ll hand a piece of paper and a pen to one of my kids in the backseat to write it down for me.

Friends, Family – the two biggest inspirations anyone could have.  Other books and writers.  TV and movies.

I find that nature is all-inspiring – from the moon to the stars to a babbling brook.  Even snow has the ability to inspire me – even if it means that I want nothing more than to stay wrapped up in my snuggie pounding away on my laptop.

What inspires you?  Feel free to leave a comment.

By marysuehobika

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