Inferences.  I bet you can make a lot based on what someone has in their refrigerator or their pantry.

For example, what can you tell about me based on the photos above?  If you guessed that I like to eat healthy – fresh fruits and veggies are a must and I have plenty of salad dressing to go around too, then you’re correct.  I also love coffee but I’m too cheap to go out for it so I drink it at home.   And the most obvious inference, is that I need to go to  the grocery store because as you can see – there is nothing to make for dinner tonight.

I can also apply this exercise to any character that I’m writing about.  Let’s say a hungry teenager opens the refrigerator to a grab a snack, what might he find?  An apple?  Probably not his first choice.  Maybe he pulls out all the lunchmeat and makes a sandwich so big that he can barely fit his mouth around it.   What would a twenty-something single girl have in her refrige?  Low fat yogurts, diet soda, and egg beaters?  And what does it say about her?  That she’s always on a diet or that she spends very little time eating at home.  The possibilities are endless.

Next time you open your refrige take a closer look and see what it says about you.

By marysuehobika

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