Rainbow eyes!

Rainbow eyes!  That’s what I call them.  They change based on what she’s wearing, and believe it or not, what kind of mood she’s in.  They are beautiful bluish-green eyes with a golden ring around the pupil.  I tried to get a close up, but it proved tricky because the camera kept getting out of focus.  I’ll keep trying for a clearer picture.  I might need to experiment with a different camera, even though mine has never let me down until now.

What do eyes say about a character?  What combination of adjectives can be used to describe them?  Are they bright blue eyes like the sky or deep green like the sea?  Eyes can be dark and menacing.  They can tell when someone is lying or nervous or bashful.  There is always a mystery waiting to be unfolded by looking into someone’s eyes.

My eyes are brown. And what do they say about me?  I’m honest, kind, calm, and happy.  What do your eyes say about you?

My favorite color eyes is green.  I’m a sucker for green eyes.  I can’t help it.

By marysuehobika

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