Neblina - en realidad nubes

A long time ago a few of my friends nicknamed me “neblina”, which is the spanish word for fog.  Why you ask?  I guess I seemed a little out of it at times to them.  And the truth is I feel that way today.  I feel like I’m not quite awake.

Here’s a story about a different day, a couple of years back, when I was lost in the neblina.  I’m sure it will make you laugh.

One bright spring day I went grocery shopping with my two daughters to get everything we needed for the week.  I bought everything including milk, apples, diapers, and cleaning products.  By the time I got to the checkout the cart was piled so high there was no room for them to sit in the cart anymore.    A big thunderstorm had moved in while we were shopping, so I decided to take the girls out to the car and then pull up and have the groceries loaded into my car by the helping hands workers.  Running as quickly as I could I found where I had parked and got the girls buckled up.  I pulled into my garage ten minutes later and opened the trunk to bring the groceries into the house when I discovered that the groceries were missing.  Where did they go?  How could they just disappear like that?  Then it dawned on me…I never pulled up and had them loaded into the back.  My groceries were still waiting for me at the store! So back I went.

Hopefully today won’t be as bad as all that.

By marysuehobika

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