A rainbow

Nothing is better than a blanket with the all the colors of the rainbow to keep you warm and ward off of the doldrums caused by countless days of gray skies.

What makes you happy on a cold and wintry day?

I’m happy when I put on my favorite striped wool hat and scarf and my Ugg boots and then snowshoes to tromp through the park.  I love breathing in the cold air that burns my lungs and tickles my nose.   Snowshoeing is a great excuse to get outside and get some exercise.  The best part is coming in and drinking a cup of hot chocolate filled with whipped cream.  Then I love sitting in front of the fireplace watching a movie snuggled under a blanket.

I should tell you that this rainbow blanket isn’t mine.  But maybe there is one in my future.


By marysuehobika

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