These seashells are a collection of memories from our tip to Ocean City, NJ last summer. Hot carefree summer days, sand between your toes, the smells of suntan lotion and salty sea air, picnic lunches, the sound of the waves crashing and children laughing.

The small black shell I found while sitting on the beach chair reading a summer romance.  The small stones we found on a walk along the beach early one morning. A few of the broken shells were found deep in the sand while digging our daily obligatory hole. One of the shells reminds me of how much fun I had boggy boarding and catching waves with my sun.  I remember when it rained and we spent the day shopping, darting in and out of little shops, searching for the prefect bowl for our collection.  And when the storm was over we spent the next hour collecting even more shells that had washed up.  I loved the excitement on my kid’s faces when they found a special shell, “Mommy look at this great shell I found, it looks like a volcano.”

Now the shells sit in a huge bowl in my house waiting to be rediscovered.  From time to time, I’ll see the kids walk by it and stop to pick them up one by one and study them.  I’m sure they are reflecting on their memories too.  I wonder what their greatest memory from the bowl is.

It’s nice to be transported back to a warm and happy tim when it’s 4 degrees outside.

By marysuehobika

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