Summer Sense

Photo taken by my daughter

Summer is full of colors for the eyes to feast on. Bright blue skies, puffy white clouds, fresh-cut green grass, blooming flowers of all colors. I am not an artist, I can barely draw a stick figure, but I still need to be able to describe in words the world that the artist paints.

Summer is also full of scents, which you can’t see but still exist, and are always part of the story. Lilacs that smell so fragrant, salty air blowing off the ocean, and fried dough at the local fair. And to me, nothing smells like summer more than sunscreen!

Sounds drift through my open window as I sit typing. Birds are chirping, a lawn is being mowed, a basketball is being dribbled, and children’s voices fill the air. They are all welcome after the stillness and quiet of the winter months.

Summer is also full of different textures. The grass feels soft under my feet. The skin is smooth on a ripe tomato from my garden. I must remember to be careful of the thorns on the bush out front when I trim it or it will poke my hand.

My most favorite sense of all is taste. I saved the best for last. Summer is filled with great tasting fruits and vegetables that are in season for only a quick blink of an eye. I love going strawberry picking and eating them as I go. My mouth waters just thinking about it. We have strawberries available all year long at the local grocery store, but they can’t compare to home-grown ones. I also love a BLTs in the summer made with juicy beefsteak tomatoes fresh from the garden.

Summer really brings out the best in everything. Even my writing as I try to describe the essence of summer!

By marysuehobika

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