Writing is like Running

I love to run. It is one of my passions. I may not be fastest, but I’m not too bad either. I like to run with my friends and sometimes by myself. I think a lot about the book I’m in the middle of writing while I’m running. I even look at the street signs searching for new names of possible towns or characters.

Writing is putting down one word after the other; running is putting one foot in front of the other.Sometimes I have a clear path mapped out that I think my characters are going to take and then suddenly they surprise and do something unexpected.When I go for a run I normally have a course mapped out too, but then often times I feel like making an unexpected turn and I end up on a slightly different course, but even better than the one I originally intended.

Either way, for me, it’s all about the journey and the training. How I get there is just as important to me as the end result.

This is a picture of me wearing my team t-shirt from the Rochester Marathon Relay I ran in Sept 2011.

I needed my team for this race and I need my team (my publisher, editors, cover artist, beta readers, crit group partners, and of course my husband, and never leave-my-writing-side pug) to be successful as a writer). That’s why I love the team name we came up with, “Divide & Conquer.” It has become something of a mantra of mine.

Well, right now I’m tying my sneakers for a 5 mile run. Thanks for stopping by.


3 comments on “Writing is like Running

  1. I’ve never thought of running and writing as a metaphor. How wonderful! I run every morning with men who are much taller and stronger than me and I continuously try to write to please my teachers to no avail. But as with all things, you’re right. I need to keep it up in order to get better.

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