My Dedication Page

I dedicated my book “Nowhere” in loving memory of my mother, Shirley Goodburlet. She is no longer with me, but I know my accomplishment would make her proud.

My mom

I owe my early writing career to my mother. How so, you ask. Well, it’s a typical teenage story…

One day as she was dropping me off at school I told her how I had written a poem for the Memorial Day Essay Contest that my town held every year, and I was only just remembering that the deadline was that day. And it had to be typed, which of course I also had forgotten. It was 1990, and we were still in the dark ages when it came to technology, so we didn’t even own a computer or a printer back then. I remember my mom sighing and holding out her hand. She typed it at work and dropped it off at school for me. And guess what? I won! I won first place and the prize was a $100. Thanks to my mom, my writing career was off to a great start. Two decades later, my first book was published.


3 comments on “My Dedication Page

  1. It’s a very moving story, Mary. Yes, your mother would be very proud of what you have just accomplished and of being a very talented woman you have become.

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