My New Crit Partner

Here is a picture of my newest “crit partner”

Tank – my new crit partner

Okay, I know I am stretching the definition of a critique partner, which is someone who reads your novel and offers helpful advise along the way. Obviously Tank does not do that. He does however, sit next to me and offer me comfort while I’m busy writing my third novel. He makes sure I get up and stretch once in awhile, which is important to do when you sit all day, because he needs me to let him out. He has only been with us for three days, but I expect great things from him.

Oscar has been by my side through the first two novels and I couldn’t have done it without him.

Oscar – my oldest and dearest crit partner

As you can see, I love my pugs. Who keeps you company while you write?


3 comments on “My New Crit Partner

  1. Your critters are real critters! And they’re so cute. There’s nothing better than the love and support of a pet—unless it’s the love and support of two pets! ❤

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