I am the type of person who needs goals or I tend to procrastinate.

Foe example, this is the first summer in five years that I did not register to run the Rochester Half Marathon or the Rochester Marathon Relay. ANd guess what? I have barely been running. Usually during the summer I run 24 miles a week and this summer I’ve only been running 10 miles. It is a little disheartening. I guess I should have known myself better and made sure I registered early so that I could get the training in. Oh well, I’ll be sure to do so next summer.

I also need goals for my writing. I set small goals for myself and then as soon as I reach that goal I set a new one. This works well for me. Sometimes I try to each a certain word count each day. Once I even participated in NANOWRIMO. Although I didn’t write an entire novel in one month, I did write almost every single day and it was fun to watch my word count go up. I also set goals in terms of chapters, refusing to stop working until the chapter is complete.

This summer I have done more reading than writing. I set out to read 15 books this summer, marking my progress on goodreads. I think I am ahead of schedule, which is a good feeling.

Well, now we all know, I am a goal-oriented person. What about you? When do you do your best work?


6 comments on “Goals

  1. Goals are good, that’s for sure. I’m right there with you – total procrastinator. So I do need goals — deadlines — to work toward or I would just sit on my butt and read books all day (not that this is a bad thing).

    But I don’t get too crazy about the specifics. I don’t say I’m going to blog on certain days of the week or a certain number of times per week. I block off writing time on the calendar but don’t get too wound up about word count. I wish I could be better about exercise and eating better, but it’s something I’m working on.

    Sometimes I wonder if I’m too laid back…. no, that’s just silly. 🙂

  2. I work well under pressure, so I thrive when I’m on a deadline. I’ll set them for myself too if I don’t have an editor putting one on me. I love having a goal to meet. It pushes me to work harder and be better.

    When I was racing, I’d tell everyone my target time because then I was held accountable. If I didn’t make that time, I’d have to tell everyone I didn’t make it. That was great motivation.

  3. I don’t set hard and fast goals for most things, but I’ve found my writing suffers if I don’t have something specific on the schedule. It’s way too easy to procrastinate. So this week, my goal is to finish the current round of editing on my WiP, and then give it another read through.

    And the running goals? Yep, kinda fallen behind on those, too. I go out for a jog, and end up walking instead (I guess that’s not too terrible — exercise is exercise, right?)

  4. I’m usually pretty good at sticking to a schedule, but this summer has been hectic and decided to can it until the kids go back to school. So I’m back to work in September.

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