Inconsistent, that’s me! At least I am consistently inconsistent. Ha, ha, ha. I originally planned to blog two to three times a week. Obviously that hasn’t happened lately. It’s been several weeks since my last entry. I’ve come up with a top 5 list for reasons why I haven’t had time to add to my blog.

Top 5 distractions that keep me from my writing/blogging (in no particular order)

1- My two pugs. Otherwise known as my “crit partners”, are really more work than they are helpful. However, I wouldn’t trade them for anything!

2 – Exercising. I spend one to two hours a day, several times a week, either working out at the YMCA, or going for a run. While exercising is important to me, it is time not spent writing.

3- Grocery shopping. I spend a lot of time running to the grocery store. I can never decide what I want to make for dinner for a whole week, so that means I end up returning to the store several times within a few days time. Plus, there is aways something that I need that I forgot to buy when I was there just yesterday.

4 – Reading. I spend a lot of time reading other people’s books, instead of writing my own. However, I wouldn’t do things any differently. Reading is part of my job. The only way to be a better writer, is to be an avid reader. Also I think of reading as doing research. I need to be up on what is current, and what has and hasn’t already been done.

5 – Laundry. I spend a lot of my time doing laundry. You know the routine. It is an endless cycle. There are always more clothes to wash. I wish there was a laundry fairy, who would make clean clothes appear in neat piles in my drawers.

What about you? What gets in the way of your writing?

3 comments on “Inconsistent

  1. I understand most of your distractions — we all have things like that — but laundry? Really? Maybe you should invest in a washing machine instead of doing it all by hand. lol

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