First day of Nanowrimo

I had a successful day yesterday. My daughter was home sick from school so I was home in front of the computer most of the day.

I wrote 1735 words. Here is a teaser:

Our type is ‘A Modern Guy.’ A guy who isn’t overly sappy or indifferent, but is honest and true. He likes to do fun things like go to a movie or a concert. He is confident and his smile and clothes say so. He’ll like you for who you are and not what you look like.”

“Does it say where we can find this guy?” I laughed pointing at the magazine. “Because I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen this type around here.”

Becca made a big deal out of scanning the next several pages, “No, unfortunately it doesn’t say anything about that.”

“I wonder if he,” I nodded at him, “is a modern guy?”

We watched in silent awe as a tall lean figure with sandy blonde hair walked over to the lifeguard chair and replaced the girl who had been keeping watch over the pool since it opened earlier this morning.


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