Tuesday’s Top Ten!

This week Tuesday I want to post my top ten favorite words (in no particular order). I wanted to use wordle to do this, but I have to admit defeat. I couldn’t figure out how to create one and then post it here.

1- HOME – I love being home in my cozy house surrounded by my beloved family and friends. Home is who I am.

2- BOOKS – Books contain countless words constructed in all different ways to create meaning. I love all books. Books can take you to a new place or time period, or teach you something you didn’t already know.

3- MIMADA – This is a Spanish word that I learned when I was an exchange student in Spain. I don’t think there is an exact translation in English, which is one reason why I love it. It takes a whole sentence in English to explain what it means and it still isn’t quite right. In short it means a person who is spoiled, but it is more than that. I always got the feeling it wasn’t a bad thing. You were spoiled because you were loved so much.

4- INCREDULOUS – I love this word. It amazes me that one little word, okay this one isn’t so little, can say so much. I also love how it sounds. Whenever I come across it, I always stop and smile.

5 – LOVE – Everyone knows I love LOVE.

6 – SUMMER – What is there not to like about summer? I love everything about it – endless carefree hot days, the sun on my skin, biking around town, cold ice cream, backyard picnics, catching fireflies, and late night swims.

7 – ASSUAGE – I remember learning this word back in eighth grade. We had to read “Centennial” by James A Mitchner, which was a major undertaking. The teacher gave us corresponding vocabulary lists to study and this was one of the words. It’s a good word to know.

8 – WAVES – Did you hear the sound of the ocean crashing and smell the salt in the air when you read the word. I know I did.

9 – CLANDESTINE – Shhh. It’s a secret why I like this word.

10 – OPTIMISTIC – A great word to describe me!

What are your top ten favorite words?


6 comments on “Tuesday’s Top Ten!

  1. I’m fascinated by “mimada.” Egyptian’s have the same meaning for “d’ulluh.” It literally means spoiler-boy, and refers to a coddled person or someone who spoils someone else by treating them very well. While it’s normally a compliment, it can also mean a lazy person who doesn’t like to work. Interesting that the Spanish have the same concept.

  2. So mimada is the nice version of malcriada? It’s fun to find words/ideas that don’t quite translate — it gives a new perspective on a different culture.

    I’ve always like the word ‘undulate’. It’s just fun.

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