Tuesday’s Top Ten!

Today I would like to highlight ten basic questions I pose for every character I create. I do this before I begin every novel in order to get to know my characters. My writing flows more smoothly when I already have an idea of who my characters are and how they would respond in certain situations. Today I spent the day getting to know Drew, a character in One Complicated Summer. I saved everything to my computer and I will refer to it often as I craft his story.

Here is a small sample of the questions:

1- What is his name? Does he have a nickname? Who calls him by his nickname and why?

2- When is his birthday?

3- What is his body type? Tall? Short? Why does it matter?

4- What color hair and eyes does he have?

5- Does he have a quirk, like cracking his knuckles or running his hand through his sloppy hair?

6- How many siblings does he have and what are their ages? Are his parents married, or are they divorced, or is he being raised by a single parent? What role does it play in his personality?

7 – What sports does he play?

8- What does he do in his free time? Why?

9- Is he a good student? Why or why not? How is it significant?

10 – What is his personality flaw?

Hope this list helps with your writing. Do you have a favorite question you use to get to know your characters better?

3 comments on “Tuesday’s Top Ten!

  1. I agree, quirks is a great one becuase you never know how those can come/play out in the story. I don’t have a favorite question, it might be quirks now though, usually I do a mix of questions and freeqrites through the character’s POV to learn more about them.

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