Tuesday’s Top Ten!

Nowhere 3

Top Ten Reasons to Read “Nowhere”

1 – It’s a sweet YA Romance with alternating POVs.

2 – “Nowhere” has a 4.6 rating on Goodreads. One reviewer said, “I must say, I was instantly hooked with the characters and setting from the first page.”

3 – It doesn’t get any hotter than Dooner, the main male character.

“The mystery man’s pickup truck was more rugged and older than the other trucks there. I wasn’t prepared for what happened next. The hottest guy I’d ever seen hopped out and confidently strutted over to where we were all standing. My gaze moved upward from his dusty cowboy boots to his strikingly handsome face. I gasped, in pleasant surprise. I hadn’t thought it possible for such a combination of good looks and perfect body to exist anywhere, let alone in Nowhere.
He had on faded blue jeans and a long-sleeved button down shirt, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His muscles were taut and natural looking, as if they were a result of hard work and not from pumping iron in the gym. He smiled at me when he realized I was unabashedly checking him out. He had the deepest set of dimples I’d ever seen on a guy. I bet they’d be there even when he wasn’t smiling. I looked directly into his unusual green eyes and wondered—who was this football-playing cowboy?”

4 – Mikayla, or Mike, is a very believable main character who isn’t afraid to speak her mind.

Mikayla was the first to speak. “When you drop me off, do you have a sec’?”
“Yeah, I have a two hour break before I have to be back at practice.” Maybe my day wasn’t going to be so bad after all.
“Perfect.” She didn’t say anything else, but left me wondering what she had in mind. She leaned her head back and relaxed as the wind from the open window blew her hair all around. I wasn’t prepared for how happy it made me feel to see her riding in my truck. I could get used to having her next to me.
I waited until we were parked in her driveway to apologize. I cleared my throat. “I’m sorry about yesterday. Thanks for giving me a second chance. What can I do to make it up to you?”
“You just did by giving me a ride home. We can call it even.” She smiled. “Wait here. I’ll be right back.” She quickly jumped down from the truck and walked toward the house.
Without even being invited, I followed her.
She stopped on the front porch and turned around to face me, “Wait here. And I mean it.” She pointed her finger at my chest.
“Where are you going?” I asked, but she didn’t respond.
She disappeared into the house, returning a minute later. “Here’s your shirt. I washed it for you.” She held it out to me.
I was taken aback. This was not what I had expected. “I said you could keep it.” I pushed it back at her.
“You said a lot of things.” She sounded both angry and hurt.
Finally I understood why she had me drive her home. She wasn’t giving me a second chance; she was paying me back for standing her up. She led me here on false pretenses only to let me down. “So you are mad about yesterday.” She didn’t say anything but the angry look on her face said it all.

5 – It has a fresh country setting.

“In no mood to join them, I looked around at my new surroundings. Corn in every direction. Unfortunately, I hated corn. It was tasteless and messy. I hated how it got stuck between my teeth.
Interestingly enough, smack dab in the middle of the cornfield across the road was a crumbling cemetery, marked off by a twisted black metal fence. I’d always thought it seemed out of place. Now, I knew how it felt.”

“I heard the creek bubbling before I could see it. I loved the relaxing sound of water rushing over rocks. It turned out to be a small creek with scraggly trees lining the banks. It appeared to be ankle deep with crystal clear water. I could see rocks and small stones lining the bottom.”

6 – “Nowhere” was published by Muse It Up Publishing, an awesome publishing house.

7 – The cover was designed by the talented cover artist, Charlotte Volnek.

8 – “Nowhere” was edited by Julie Hayes with Val Haley as the line editor.

9 – It is the perfect length at 162 pages. It is neither too long or too short.

10 – It is a great bargain at $5.50 and it available at Muse Up Publishing and through Amazon.

Excerpts From: Marysue G. Hobika. “Nowhere.” MuseItUp Publishing, 2012-06-08. iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright


5 comments on “Tuesday’s Top Ten!

  1. You forgot to mention that it’s well written too! And you’re right, Dooner is one hot guy! And these are real people, with real problems, and not a single sparkling vampire in sight lol

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