Tuesday’s Top Ten!

Top Ten Reasons to stay indoors when it is 7 degrees outside!

1- My son is home sick from school today. Poor little guy.

2- I just couldn’t rest until I finished “Rule” by Jay Crownover

And I wasn’t one bit disappointed.

3 – I am helping my friend, Kelly Mooney, edit her next book. I’m currently about half way through and loving it.

4 – I am completing an application to have a foreign exchange student came and stay with us. Yeah!

5 – I have laundry to do.

6- I have Christmas decorations on my mantle that I need to take down and store away until next year. Today is as good as any to get it done.

7 – I want to cook a warm meal for my family to enjoy. Everyone needs comfort food on a freezing cold day like today.

8- My pug, Oscar, has lung cancer and there is no better way to spend the day than sitting with him while I read, edit, and work on the computer. (He is one of the best crit partners I’ve ever had).

9 – I have to redeem myself as the Yahtzee Queen by playing a round with my son.

10 – I’m not a big fan of the cold. Snow, yes. But when it’s only 7 degrees, it’s even too cold to snow.

How do you spend cold wintery days?


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