Pondering Price Point….

My book Boy & Girl Formal

sells for $.99. I am pondering increasing the price. I have complete control over price point because it is self-published. Currently I only make $.40 on each book I sell. Doing the math, if I sell 25 books a month for 1 year that is only a profit of $120. I certainly can’t live off of that – it wouldn’t even cover a week’s worth of groceries for a family of 5. I was originally hoping selling it at that price would encourage more readers to buy

Nowhere 3

but so far I can’t say that has happened. “Nowhere” sells for $5.50, which was set by the publisher and is based on the number of pages. It is a great value for a book that will provide several hours of entertainment and enjoyment. I’m not sure if “The Perfect prom Date” hasn’t led more readers to “Nowhere” because their prices are within too great a range, or if people who bought “The Perfect Prom Date” for $.99 didn’t love it enough to buy another book by the same author for more money.

Please share your thoughts or comments on price point. I am in need of sage advice.


2 comments on “Pondering Price Point….

  1. From a reader’s perspective, when I see a book listed for $.99, I assume it is either a short book (novella length) or not very good. It’s not fair, but I’ve been burned by a lot of self-pubs at that price range so I tend to skip over them now.

    From an author’s perspective, I’ve heard of a lot of success from others who post their book at the $2.99 price point. On Amazon, the commission on that sale is $2, making it much more lucrative for the writer.

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