Tuesday’s Top Ten–Research

Today’s top ten is a list of research questions for my current project. Research for any author is on-going. The questions below range from essential to trivial. If you have any answers or suggestions to where I might find the answers, please leave a comment.

1- What is it like to be an only child?

2- What college would someone attend in NYC who wanted to pursue a computer science degree?

3- What is it like to be a college student in NYC?

4- What is a popular, or maybe not so popular, cafe in or near Greenwich Village that has a small collection of board games?

5- What is a popular bar in NYC where college students hang out at?

6- Would it make sense for a photography major to minor in graphic design?

7- Cameras- digital and old school

8- All things Paris

9-What is a nervous tick other than running your hand through your hair?

10- How long would it take someone to complete a Sudoku puzzle who did them regularly?

What research are you currently working on?


4 comments on “Tuesday’s Top Ten–Research

  1. Hi, I teach at The School of Visual Arts in NYC, which is a GREAT college for anyone who’s interested in graphic arts, photography and the like, and who actually wants to make $ when they leave school. SVA has an excellent internship and job list.

  2. Being an only child was pretty awesome. It forces you to be more independent (b/c you don’t have a built-in playmate) and mature (b/c you have to talk to adults all the time). I was always drawing or reading to entertain myself. Plus, my family was pretty broke, so I didn’t have to share our limited resources with anyone else, which I was always thankful about. So apparently, only children are also selfish. 🙂

  3. My character spends time taking photos, so I guess that goes along with what you were saying about being able to entertain oneself. And she has a couple of cool cameras, because her parents can afford it since she’s the only child.

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