Why I Love YA

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Why do I love YA? I think it’s because there is no better story than a love story. My heart always gets warm and fuzzy when I read about characters experiencing love for the first time. Also teenagers aren’t set in routines like adults, so anything can happen at any time. I find YA to be suspenseful and unpredictable.

I love YA so much that I am now a YA author of two books. “Nowhere” (published by Muse It Up Publishing), and “The Perfect Prom Date” (my first self-published title).

My favorite Indie authors include: Abbi Glines, Jessica Sorenson, Tammara Webber, Jessica Park, Amanda Hocking, and Nyrae Dawn, Heather Hildenbrand, and Kelly Mooney

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Interesting Author Tidbits

I enjoy trivia, especially when it’s about other authors.

1 – Did you know that S.E. Hinton started writing “The Outsiders” when she was only 15 years old? And that it was published when she was 17?

I just learned this last week and I was amazed. I didn’t write my first novel until I was in my 30s.

2 – Did you know that Louis Sachar, author of Holes and the Wayside series, was a lawyer before becoming a writer full time?

John Grisham was the only lawyer turned author, that I used to know. Now I know two. I guess most of us authors have day jobs, while we wait for our big break.

3 – Did you know that “Anna and the French Kiss,” by Sue Perkins, was a Nano novel?

I aspire to write a novel in a thirty days. Nanowrimo is coming up next month.

4 – Did you know that Amanda Hocking, a self-published author, sold more than a million copies of her books.

She is one of my inspirations. If it happened to her, I believe it can happen to me.

Do you know any interesting author trivia that you’d like to share?