What’s Up Wednesday


What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme, started by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk, which helps readers and writers touch base with blog friends to let them know what’s up. Join in by visiting their blogs and signing in on the widget.

This is what I’ve been up to this week…


I just finished 2 books…



I loved both of these books. They were unique and I appreciated that they didn’t read like other books I’ve read recently. The writing was great and the characters were refreshing. I read the prequel first and then the second book. The series was hot, steamy, sexy, and filled with true love. My kind of books.


I’ve started a new novel. I’m only at 10,000 words, so I still have a long way to go.I haven’t worked on it much the last couple of weeks because the end of the school year is a busy time, but here’s a quick teaser I posted the other day when I was tagged on Facebook.

He held the car door open for me and I rolled my eyes. I had to make sure Walt understood where we stood, which was nowhere. “I can open my own car door.”
“I know.”
I sighed deeply. “Just because you open car doors for me doesn’t mean anything.”
“I know.”
His arrogant, superior, know-it-all attitude got under my skin. “You’re an insufferable human being.”
“I know.”
I slid into the passenger seat. Walt’s eyes never left me. I wanted to slap him and kiss him all at the same time.
“Tell me how you really feel. Just make sure you tell me in Spanish, because you know how I love that.”
I opened my mouth and sure enough I closed it right before a litany of vulgar Spanish words slipped out.
Walt closed the door and I heard his laughter as he made his way around to the driver’s side. “Luciana, don’t be embarrassed. You know I love it when you talk in your native tongue to me.”
I huffed and sat against the leather seat. I closed my eyes and took several deep breaths. He couldn’t know where my imagination went when I heard him say the word tongue. I shouldn’t even be having these thoughts about Walt. It was absurd.


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School is out and today is the first official day of summer vacation. Making a list of all the fun things I want to do with my kids before it’s over, because summer goes by way too fast. And I am not ready to have one in high school next year!


What’s Up Wednsday

WUW Winter Holly 1

What’s Up Wednesday is a weekly meme, started by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk, which helps readers and writers touch base with blog friends to let them know what’s up. Join in by visiting their blogs and signing in on the widget.

This is what I’ve been up to this week…


I am reading “Playing Patience” for the second time. I really loved this book the first time I read it, so I decided to read it again. I love the main characters Zeke and Patience. The story has a terrific beginning and the same intense feelings carry throughout. If you haven’t read it yet, I’d recommend it to anyone who loves YA Romance.



I’m working on a contemporary romance I started during the summer. Taking a break for a few months from the story has given me fresh eyes.Now all I need to do is sit down and finish it. I’m hoping to have it completed in time for summer reading.


Real students. My Spanish 4 students.



My friend Lee Rowland over at PearTreeSpace has redone my cover for Summer Love. I loved my original cover, but I wanted a more contemporary look for the new year. Once again Lee did an amazing job, accomplishing exactly what I’d envisioned.


Tuesday’s Top Ten

Now that Memorial Day has passed, summer has begun. I love summer. It means no schedules, lots of sunshine, and savory homegrown foods.

Here is my Top Ten List of Things to do this Summer.
(In no particular order)

1- Publish “Summer Love”

2- Continue writing “Fall Into You”

3- Read lots and lots of books

4- Take family bike rides along the Erie Canal

5- Post on this blog

6- Finish organizing the basement and closets

7 – Make homemade ice cream

8 – Host lots of cookouts

9 – Enjoy family and friends

10 – Sell lots of books!

Tuesday’s Top Ten

Top Ten Things I’ve been working on now that Spring Break is over…

1 – Editing
2 – Editing
3 – Editing
4 – Editing
5 – Editing
6 – Editing
7- Editing
8 – Editing
9 – Editing
10- Editing

My latest book “Summer Love” will be released in June 2013. I’ve been working tirelessly on it and I can’t wait to be done. It’s my best book by far and I’m excited to get it out there just in time for summer reading.


Carly and her best friend Becca are ready to drop a nuclear bomb on summer. It’s the last one before reality sets in and they’re off on their own. Carly is ready to break the mold and stop being known as a goody-two-shoes. In order to get the ball rolling, she agrees to a double date with Gavin – her good-looking yet moody lab partner.

Gavin doesn’t have summer plans except to work at his two jobs and hang out in his room drawing. He likes to keep to himself, but lets his brother Nate talk him into going on a double date. Carly isn’t like the rest of the girls at school that drive him crazy. She doesn’t ask a lot of questions and seems to know when to give him the spaces he craves. Gavin always thought that she was beautiful, but he believes that relationships and love are a lost cause.

Will their date prove that summer love is right around the corner or will it be a dead end?