Blog Interview

This Friday I would like to thank Helene Prevost for asking me to be a guest on her blog. Click here.

My plan is to host an author on my blog the first Friday of every month. A piece of advice that I did not follow that I wish I had, was I should have started promoting my book long before it came out. I didn’t because I kept waiting for my cover art, which I didn’t get until a couple of days before my book was released. However, that is just an excuse. I wish I had been out there talking about my book and getting people excited out it. I am doing that now, but it would have been beneficial to do it sooner. I even like the count down clock some authors have on their websites or blog, indicating when their latest book is going to be released.

Well, as I said in the beginning this is a journey, and with any journey we learn as we go. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for checking out my first ever blog interview!